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Pimlico Finance will consider cashing most cheques made payable to you, these include;

Giro Cheques
Inland Revenue Cheques
Insurance Claims and Surrendered Policies
Building Society Cheques
Utility (Gas, Water, Electricity) And Catalogue Refunds
HM Paymaster General (payable orders)
Grants (Student, Housing, etc)
Expenses Re-imbursements
Pension Payouts
Local Authority (Council) Benefits
Crossed Social Security Benefits
Share Dividends and Windfall Cheques
Lottery And Pools Cheques

Example a 200.00 cheque will be charged at just 10 to cash.

There are no hidden fees and we do not charge a joining fee unlike most other cheque cashing companies.

Personal identification is required ,contact us now to see how we can help.
Cheque Cashing
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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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